SRDS Services Overview

SRDS cares about your products. That's why our facilities are equipped with sprinklers, and central station burglary and fire prevention alarm systems. It's not enough that our warehouse space meets industry standards. Our goal is to exceed them. We maintain and operate clean facilities while offering top quality, personalized services to our customers.

Your business can eliminate costly shipping errors and maximize space usage by choosing SRDS for your warehousing and inventory control needs. Our highly trained professionals use the latest inventory control management techniques, material handling equipment, and computer technology, bringing cost-effective, efficient management of warehouse space to your business. By choosing our facilities and professional staff, your business will not have to use its valuable resources for additional employees and equipment during peak business cycles.

Our management team can help your business with planning, compliance, auditing, implementing new processes, quality assurance, shipping services, logistics services, and several reporting options. We use our experience and expertise to help your business eliminate inventory problems, shipping errors, and poor warehousing techniques.

In addition to contract warehousing, facility management, dedicated storage, short-term and long-term leased space, and office space rental, SRDS offers a variety of specialized services. SRDS services include inventory control, assembly and distribution, pick and pack, and pool distribution services.

To learn more about the specific services SRDS offers, visit here.

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